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The Play&Go bag is a simple and effective solution to toy storage, and its lots of fun. A 2 in one toy 

storage bag that doubles, as a p

lay mat is every child's dream. 



storage is simple, and dolls, 

cars, balls and blocks can all be sw

iftly cleared away with one swing.

When kids use the Play&Go it 

motivates them to clean up and to throw the toys into the bag!


Is toy storage a drama in your home? Discover

the Play & Go bag


We all know that feeling. Toys under the bed, on the

floor, in the dog's basket 


but you still can't find 

that  favorite  piece  of  LEGO®,  Playmobil®  or  Duplo®.  The  Play&Go  bag  is  a  simple  and  effective 

solution  to  toy  storage,  and  its  lots  of  fun.  A  2  in  one  toy  storage  bag  that  doubles,  as  a  play  mat  is 


ry  child's  dream.  Even 


storage  is  simple,  and  dolls,  cars,  balls  and  blocks  can  all  be  swiftly 

cleared away with one swing. The Play&Go toy storage bag measures 140cm in diameter and is made 

from pure cotton fabric. Its portable, hardwearing design a

lso makes it the perfect 


storage sack 

for the beach, the park, holidays or trips to visit grandparents.

Exists  in  different  colors  (red,  blue,  black,  green,  fuchsia,  turquoise)  and  prints  (Mr  moustache, 

anchors, green diamonds, pink diamonds, zigzag

blue, zigzag red)



We are a Belgian based creative company offering clever, colorful and inspiring products for you, your 

kids and your home. At Play & Go we understand just how important fun and creative play is for kids. 

We  love  designi

ng  and  crafting  quality  products  that  will  make  kids  happy,  and  put  a  smile  on 

everyone’s face! With Play & Go you can be sure you are buying quality products that will last a long 

time and offer great value for money.

Play  &  Go  is  a  wonderful  decoration  b

rand  for  children.  Our  first  product  and  worldwide  success  is 

the  colorful  Play  &  Go  bag.  This  practical  bag  is  ideal  for  kids  and  parents  as  it  encourages  play  at 

home  or  away.  The  Play  &  Go  bag  makes  it  easy  to  transport  toys  and  to  tidy  them  away. 



from durable canvas and available in a range of attractive colors, this bag is also a great idea for nursery 

and playroom storage.

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